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Painting is a blind man’s profession.
He paints not what he sees, but what he feels.
— Picasso

Why I paint.

I have a need to say something or react to something.  I’m fascinated by a face in the crowd, the human form, a provocative attitude, a wind-blown field of tulips, the light of the moon.  I believe everything has movement.  It’s all going somewhere.  I just try to freeze-frame it — capture that moment.  I go for the feeling, not the look.  Even if it borders on the abstract.

I start out with an idea in mind hoping to create a simple statement — striving to reduce what I see to the bare essentials.  Each brush stroke is like taking a risk, a chance to get lucky.  Somewhere along the way, the painting takes over.  Then I give it a shove in that direction — always with the compulsion for achieving a satisfying balance of color, design and motion.

I can’t help but be influenced by Willem and Elaine de Kooning.  They both inspire me to compose with a purpose.  To just put it down without much calculating.  Get it out.

I try to evoke a feeling in my work.  My hope is that you’ll find my paintings arresting and that they’ll touch you somehow.