My studio is my sanctuary (and my torture chamber).

Who's this guy?

I’m an emerging artist here on Boston’s North Shore.   After an endless career creating ads and TV commercials drawing award-winning national and international recognition, I’ve gone back full-circle to recapture my earlier life as a painter and find my true voice.

I studied painting at Syracuse University graduating with a BFA degree in Fine Art along with further studies at Rutgers University. My creative experience in the communications and film world has helped me rethink how to approach painting. I try to defy classification with my work but I feel I’m somewhere between modern art and the contemporary. 

I like painting the sensuous expression of the human form in a raw and non-idealized way. Or, a face in the crowd. Or the light of the moon, even a seascape, landscape or a skyscape — but always with an idea in mind.  I paint on a large scale.  I feel it best plays up the energy, power and movement in my paintings.